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Property Tax Information

The Township of Chatsworth issues two regular Tax Notices each year. Each tax notice has two installments. The Township also issues Supplementary/Omitted Notices several times through the year for any properties that have received additions/reductions in assessment value.

Regular tax due dates are:

Interim Billing for 2018
(Based on 50% of the previous years total taxes)
February 23rd and April 27th

Final Billing for 2017
(Based on the total years taxes LESS the interim billing amount previously billed)
July 28th and October 27th


2017 Residential Tax Rate 1.170245
2016 Residential Tax Rate 1.119092
2015 Residential Tax Rate 1.144242

Tax Payment Options
Tax payments can be made through most banking institutions using Internet and/or Telephone Banking.  Payments can be made directly to the Municipal Office during office hours by cash, cheque or debit machine.  Payments can be deposited through the mail slot located at the front door of the Municipal Office at any time.

Pre-Authorized Property Tax Payment Plan
The Township offers two different pre-authorized property tax payment plans.  The Installment Due Date Plan and the Monthly Plan.

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  • Easy to Budget
  • No Cheques to write
  • Manageable Payment Options
  • Save on Postage and Travel Time
  • Convenient, No Line Ups

To qualify you must have no outstanding arrears on the tax account and you do not pay your taxes with your mortgage.

Due Date Plan (Installment Date)
Payment to your tax account in the amount of the installment due is withdrawn from your account on the installment due date.

Monthly Plan
The Monthly Plan provides a convenient way to budget.  The Tax Department will establish a monthly payment amount calculated both in January and again with your Final Tax Billing to meet your current taxes due.  The December payment will have to be adjusted to include any remaining balance or credit.  Payment will be withdrawn on the 28th of each month.

Telephone the Township of Chatsworth Municipal Office for further information @ 519-794-3232.