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The Township of Chatsworth and the Township of Georgian Bluffs operate a BIOGRID plant on the existing sewage lagoon site in Georgian Bluffs. This green energy project digests organic material with the biogas used to run a generator and produce electrical power.  The project could produce up to 2400 kWh per day on the power grid. A variety of organic materials can be processed at the facility including septage, agricultural waste, and other appropriate materials that will generate biogas.  The project includes a biodigester system, pasteurizer, biogas generator and pumphouse as well as associated septage screening, piping, roadways, storage and operation centre.   The digestate bi-product, following treatment will be 99.5 % pathogen free while retaining characteristics of a good land applied soil conditioner.

All properties, rural and urban, within the Township of Chatsworth are serviced by septic systems.  Septic system maintenance, the pumping out of your septic tank, is a task that no property owner looks forward to.  A call is placed to the septic hauler, a fee is paid, your tank is pumped, and your septage is hauled away.  

But do you know where your septage goes?
Historically, septic haulers have spread your raw septage on fields through permits issued by the Ministry of the Environment.  However, this direct application to the land increases the potential for contaminates or environmental hazards to run off and contaminate ground water aquifers, including residential drinking water supplies.

Did you know that you have a choice?
The biodigester initiative is to provide residents with a safe environmentally friendly alternative to the direct application of raw septage on farm fields.  The treatment process results in the production of electricity which is purchased through an agreement by Hydro One.  This is a new untapped revenue opportunity that will benefit all residents of the Township.

So the next time your septic system needs pumped we encourage you to request your septic hauler to bring your septic tank waste to the biodigester for processing. While there is a slightly higher cost, it's the environmentally right thing to do.