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2015 Road Needs Study
2015 Bridge and Culvert Inspection Reports are available at the Municipal Office for viewing.

The Township of Chatsworth Roads Department maintains approximately 483 km of roads within the Township boundaries.  Of those 483 km, approximately 250 km are gravel, 85 km are hotmix and 148 km are paved.

The main administrative duties are handled at the Township Municipal Office located at 316837 Highway 6.  There are two depots, one located in the former Sullivan Township and the other in the former Holland Township.

Winter Driving
Weather and road conditions can vary greatly.  Please check current weather and road conditions before venturing out.  Please click on the appropriate links to the right.

Winter Driving - Be Prepared, Be Safe

Entrance Permits
Anyone wishing to construct an entrance must apply for an entrance permit. To view printable form click here

Access onto a Provincial Highway must be applied for through and approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

Access onto a County Road must be applied for through and approved by the County of Grey Transportation Services.

Access onto a Township Road must be applied for through and approved by The Township of Chatsworth in accordance with the Township Entrance Policy.

Civic 911 Addressing
In order to apply for a civic number you must first have a legal entrance.
All civic number requests are applied for at the Township office.


Roads Contact Information

General Roads Dept inquiries can be made to:

Jamie Morgan, Operations Manager

Keith Copeland, Lead Hand
Holland Roads Depot
110 Glendale Airport Road

Jamie Edwards, Lead Hand
Sullivan Roads Depot
136257 Grey Road 40

Adopt-A-Road Program

What is it?

Adopt-A-Road Agreement

Adopt-A-Road Release

If you come across Methamphetamine Production Garbage, DO NOT move, touch or handle.  Observe which road and section you are on and notify the Township.  Mark the site with a garbage bag tied to a tree or fence.  Under no circumstances should any materials from meth labs be touched or moved!!