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The Planning Department's main objective is to administer the Township of Chatsworth's Comprehensive Zoning By-law in keeping with the Provincial Government's Provincial Policy Statements, the County of Grey's Official Plan, Conservation Authorities, and the Niagara Escarpment Plan.  The department also provides advice to Council, and assists property owners with their land development inquiries.

Preconsultation on all applications is strongly recommended.  The Township's Planner, Ron Davidson, is available Wednesday mornings to assist property owners with land use and development inquiries.

Please find the link below to download applications.  In order to assist you better, please fill out the application to the best of your ability, and include clear and concise site plans.  Appointments can be made by calling 519-794-3232.

Application Fee / Deposit Agreement

Application for Consent

Application for Zoning By-law Amendment

Application for Minor Variance


Township of Chatsworth Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2015-61 (Approved November 18, 2015)
 Zoning By-law Text

 Zoning By-law Schedules (Maps)                                                                                                       

Please find below a link to the County of Grey website which now contains the consolidated version of the Grey County Official Plan including updated schedules and appendices. 

Please note that some of the files are large and therefore it may take some time to download.

 Grey County Official Plan

Bumstead Pit

Proposed Official Plan Amendment 42-04-36-OPA-123 & 
Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment
Part Lot 27, Concession 7
Applicants: Brian and Pearl Bumstead

  You will be directed to the County of Grey for more infomation

Township of Chatsworth Planning Report December 20, 2017
County of Grey notice November 29, 2017

Application for Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment
Draft By-law
Schedule A to Draft By-law
Peer Review - Studies Related To The Traffic Route Associated
                        With The Proposed Bumstead Pit

Understanding the Aggregate Licence Application Process

Please click on the following links to view flow charts that may give you a better understanding of the process:

   Licence Application Process under the Aggregate Resources Act (Chart 1 and 2)

   Township of Chatsworth Zoning By-Law Amendment process pertaining the Aggregate Licence approval