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   Garbage and Recycling Collection Calendar 2017
                Note: Garbage and recycling pickup begins at 6:00 a.m.
                          Garbage and recycling must be placed on the following roadside:
                          Township Roads - Mailbox Side
                          Provincial, County, and Townline Roads - End of Driveway 
   Recycling FAQs 
   Household Hazardous Waste Schedule 2017
   Agricultural Film Recycling Program

There are two landfill sites for use by the residents of the Township of Chatsworth:

Sullivan Landfill 
Summer hours April 1 - October 31   
Monday    9-4:30  
Saturday  9-4:30

Winter hours  November 1 - March 31   
Monday 10-4:30
Saturday 9-4:30
*The Sullivan Landfill is open every Monday including holidays with the exception of Christmas Day.                               

702320 Sideroad 5
Take Sideroad 5 off of Highway 6 north of Williamsford.  
The landfill is located  between concessions 4 and 6 on the south side of the road.

Sullivan Landfill Fees can be found in Schedule K of the  Fees and Charges By-law and are subject to change from time to time.

Markdale Landfill

Hours - Monday 9-5  (except holidays then open Tuesday) 
             Saturday 9-2

775557 Highway 10
Located on Highway 10 north of Markdale.

For Markdale landfill fees please contact the Municipality of Grey Highlands Transportation & Environmental Services Department
 519-986-1216 ext. 196.