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Source Water Protection

The Clean Water Act ensures communities protect their sources of drinking water. Protecting the source of our municipal drinking water is the first step in a multi-barrier approach to safeguard the quality and quantity of our water supply.  The Source Protection Plan (SPP) identifies risks to municipal drinking water sources and provides strategies to reduce and/or eliminate these risks.

The closer your property is to a municipal well or municipal water intake, the more likely there may be policies within the Source Protection Plan that affect your property. Click here to get familiar with drinking water threats.

Risk Management Officials (RMOs) and Risk Management Inspectors (RMIs) are appointed by the municipality that is responsible for implementing local SPP Part IV policies. The municipality has delegated this authority to the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. 

To view the maps where policies apply, you can view:

Chatsworth map of Wellhead Protection Areas 1
Chatsworth map of Wellhead Protection Areas 2

If your property is located near Scone, please review this map:

Walter’s Falls map of Wellhead Protection Areas 1
Walter’s Falls map of Wellhead Protection Areas 2

By visiting Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of the local Source Protection Plan you can read which policies apply in these areas.

To see other wellhead protection areas for Grey and Bruce counties you can visit the local Drinking Water Source Protection website and click on the mapping tool compass –

Building Permits in Wellhead Protection Areas
If you are applying for a building permit within the wellhead protection area on the Source Protection Plan maps, please fill out this Section 59 Screening Form: